Drawing Exploration Supply List – 6 week Artist Series

  • Drawing pencil set, preferably 8 to 12 pencils from 6B to 4 H (Staedtler makes a set called “Mars Lumograph.” Make sure they’re “drawing” pencils.)
  • Soft vine or willow charcoal and chamois cloth or paper towels
  • Black ink art pens with ends/tips from .05 to .8 mm in width (Staedtler makes a nice set of “pigment liner” pens of this sort). You’re looking for a pen that can make a nice, thin line and will also make well defined dots.
  • Pack of 4 General’s Charcoal Sticks (compacted, smooth charcoal sticks that can be used many times–not as soft as vine or willow charcoal, or Koh-I-Nor woodless Graphite pencils, one or two.)
  • Kneaded rubber eraser
  • Pink pearl or white pearl beveled eraser
  • Mixed media drawing pad, 11″x 14″ to 14″x 17″

Optional: table easel, smallish standup mirror

If you have time, order these items from DickBlick.com., or go to Art Mart or Artists and Craftsmen. Feel free to call Martha Baum with questions: 207-389-4626. Similar materials will do.

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